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Handmade Fleece Clothing Shop

        Welcome to my Handmade Fleece Clothing Shop.

Shipping is Free, and delivery in 7-10 working days.

Any questions? Tel: +353 87 6648237 or use the Call us Button in the Menu

My clothing is made to last. Please purchase responsible, and please pass it on when you are done.        Enjoy browsing

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Handmade Fleece Clothing
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Handmade Fleece Clothing

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warm and cosy

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Handmade Fleece Clothing

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     Guppy Friend  To protect our planet and STOP! MICRO WASTE,

please consider using a GUPPY FRIEND   Washing Bag for all

your synthetic fibres.     Thank you Guppy Friend


You find more information here and here,

you can buy the GUPPY FRIEND here    

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Have you ever wondered what Fleece Fabric is made from?   Yes, like many polyesters nowadays it is made from recycled plastic bottles. Check out these 2 videos.